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Web applications can be loosely defined as “software delivered as a service over the Web”. These applications provide value by allowing users to create, collaborate, collect, and get work done; all within a familiar Web browser window. But how do we here at Tritiger proceed with such tasks?

When proceeding with an application project, every Web project begin with a thorough examination of customer requirements and project goals. This project definition document can then used to guide the design process and evaluate possible technical and visual solutions. A good product definition document does not have to be long, however it should include:

A customer definition which answers questions like: who is the Web project for?; what are their goals and needs?; and more. Interviewing potential users, conducting a survey, or using profiles and scenarios are all good ways to accumulate customer data.

Product requirements that detail what your Web solution needs to accomplish for you. Technology requirements and limitations should also be considered.

Product research may include an evaluation of an existing product or a comparison of similar systems.

By following such rigid and evaluating procedures, we come up with a few results that are often pleasing for the clients. We do things most other agencies and companies cannot, like:

  1. 1. Fit your budget. Times are tough and budgets are limited. We excel in finding creative ways to meet your project budget for all your application development needs.   


  2. 2. Peace of mind. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Rest assured your entire custom software development project from beginning to end is built with the closest attention to detail and management of the process.   


  3. 3. Make sure the pieces fit. Some agencies make pretty sites. Others make great backend applications. We do both. Your sites will look and work great, improving customer and user satisfaction.

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