Techniques ON Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization


Do you have a website, but can’t seem to get the number of visitors you’d like? I get asked this question all the time: “How do I get more traffic to my website?” The quick answer is web marketing SEO services.

OK, that’s a real long term for a fairly simple concept. Web marketing SEO services is simply optimizing your website so it will rank high (first page!) in the major search engines. So how do you do this? Let’s walk through a few steps.

1) Identify keywords your customers would most likely search for. Be your customer. If you were searching for the content or products your site offers, what terms would you search for?

For example, let’s say you have a site called Saturn’s Rings Supplements and you market many different types of health and dietary supplements. You’d probably want to start with keywords related to each type of supplement SEO services. Create a page within your site for each of the types of supplements.

2) Page title must match the exact keyword. For each page, the page title is critical. The search engines place a very high value on page title.

So, your Saturn’s Rings Supplements website provides information on various Ginseng products. You selected “top ginseng products” as your keyword. Your page title must contain this exact phrase. Your page title could be something like “Saturn’s Rings Supplements: Top Ginseng Products”. This will help you achieve a very high ranking in the SEO services results whenever someone searches for “top ginseng products”.

3) Relevant content: After the search engine spiders look at the title of your page, they search the content of the page to ensure it’s relevancy to the keyword. To meet these criteria, the exact keyword must be used on your page within approximately 1-2% of the text SEO services.

Using the Saturn’s Rings Supplements: Top Ginseng Products example, if the text of your page runs 1000 words, SEO services you would need anywhere from 10-20 occurrences of the exact phrase “top ginseng products”, spread throughout the page. The search engine spider would see this and determine that your page is very highly relevant.

4) Other Relevant Content. The remaining audio, images, and videos displayed on the page must be relevant to the keyword. Your Saturn’s Rings Supplements: Top Ginseng Products page should have various images, video, and/or audio content related to ginseng, dietary supplements, and general health and fitness.

Web marketing SEO services doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little thought and planning in the creation of your website, the search engines will love you and you’ll see much more relevant traffic. Implement the techniques outlined in this article and enjoy your newfound flow of visitors.

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