Search engine marketing

Standard description of the search engine marketing! I have repeatedly stressed before, a different standard description on the conversion rate is very large, a good standard description may enhance the conversion rate will more than 10 times; and generally speaking, the natural result of the standard description is not arbitrary control the search engine marketing ;
2 more locations; Since we do search engine marketing , not all keywords will be the first place, then that is also a second effect, which bought the brand term, you can also harvest 1,2 bit orders – in fact, we have contacted many advertisers will use a different domain name, you some of the key words first page of search results is the advertiser’s products;
3, brand protection: Although the term competitors will buy the fact that our brand is not satisfied, but since the “facts” need to face, suppose a person to buy a book of the search engine marketing , the basic assumption is that he was there, our competitors bought, it will not buy with us; Therefore, brand protection, competitors might as well finish our order, is equivalent to the growth of our order.
In addition, Baidu’s innovative forms of search engine marketing : branding area, which is an upgraded version of the word brand, or the graphic version, because the forms, show room, brand enhancement, and several other reasons, will be particularly suitable for search volume put in a larger site; assume that we recognize and Down Jingdong, excellent marketing of these sites is not eat the bread of idleness, they spend money is not the blind lavish flower (in fact can be stingy to describe them – this is a compliment); The boss is not translate into less confusion, then we need to recognize that these sites are in the area continue to purchase the brand, because brand area to help them achieve the best search engine marketing.

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