Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the main site is still one of the means to promote, in particular the natural search results based on search engine promotion, so far is still free, so the emphasis by many small and medium sites, search engine marketing methods have become Internet marketing methodology the major component. At present the research for search engine marketing, both paid for search engine optimization or search engine advertising, basically at the operational level, to the operation of these specific methods and techniques for search engine promotion summarized the general law, it is necessary ask the question: what is the search engine promotion of the core idea.

By the law of search engine marketing in-depth study that: Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of web-based content – that is the core idea of search engine marketing. Remark is simple, if careful analysis will find that this sentence does contain a search engine to promote the general law. The author of “site promotion strategy to promote ideological content of Talk” a point made in the article: “Web site content is not only a major source of life ICP website, corporate website for the same effect of network marketing is critical.” Because the site content is itself an effective website promotion measures, though this requires the help of search engines to promote the information retrieval tools, website content promotion strategy in fact it is search engine marketing promotion strategies specific application.

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